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Learn More About Our Fish Selection in Memphis, TN

We love fish! Aquarium by Fish Barn is excited to share our love of fish with our vast selection of fish and aquariums in Memphis, TN. As a family-owned business, we treat each customer as a family member. We only offer the best selection of healthy fish and clean aquariums. We customize our services to meet your needs as we help you choose the best fish and products for your environment. Our store gets new fish regularly, and we can always special order a specific type of fish for you. We test each aquarium to ensure it’s in optimal condition before sending it home as a new home for your fish. Our doors are always open, offering a warm smile and knowledge about our marine life. Visit us today and check out our Facebook page!

lots of fish

Choosing Aquarium & Fish Supplies

Our staff offers extensive knowledge of our fish, aquariums, and products. The larger pet chain box stores don’t always carry the necessary supplies and equipment. We only put the highest quality products on our shelves. We’ll never offer lights, additives, or protein skimmers that we don’t believe in. Our staff understands your tank, pumps, and other aquarium equipments play a vital role in maintaining the health of your fish. When you buy an aquarium from us, it’s been extensively tested to ensure it’s the best place for your fish. We’ll help you find the best living space for your fish and the supplies to help it thrive.

Helping You Choose the Perfect Fish

Our local aquarium store is devoted to fish. We’re highly knowledgeable about all types of freshwater and saltwater fish. Whether you’re a first-time fish pet owner or have thousands of fish in a large aquarium, we’re here for you. We’ll help you choose the healthiest and happiest fish for your environment. We’ll guide you through our thriving reef tank selections so that you can view happy fish in their natural habitat. Our team will explain how to properly care for your fish and its tank to ensure it’s not swimming in dirty water with debris in the corners. We have years of experience with all types of fish in different environments. We know what works best for each kind of fish. We genuinely care about each customer and each fish in our store. We want them to go to loving homes and thrive in their new environments. We can’t wait to share our knowledge about fish and their habitats with you!

Visit Us Today!