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The Best Variety of Fish & Aquariums in Memphis, TN

Aquarium by Fish Barn offers a wide range of fish and aquariums in Memphis, TN. Our family-owned fish store began when our daughter started learning so much about fish that she turned her hobby into our lifestyle. We started breeding our own fish, selling the fish, and growing from there. We’re proud to be your premier fish store with the best and healthiest selection of fish, aquariums, and products. We go beyond simply offering the best by providing delivery and setup of our aquariums, housing and care for your fish, and sharing our vast knowledge of aquarium life. Come visit us today!

various fish in a fish tank

Offering the Largest Selection of Fish in the Region

Aquarium by Fish Barn is proud to offer the region’s largest selection of fish and aquariums. Whether you love fresh or saltwater fish, we can find the types of fish you love. We have over 300 fish tanks in our store. If we don’t have it in our store, we’ll get it shipped in for you. We ensure every customer understands how to love and care for their fish and aquarium. We’re committed to providing the knowledge you need to make the right purchase for you. We’ll help you find the best food, products, and aquarium for your specific fish. Our knowledgeable staff knows which types of fish work best together and the best environments for them.



Our High-Quality Guarantee

We don’t offer warranties on our fish or used tanks because we take optimal care of them while they’re in our hands. We understand some people don’t have the knowledge it takes to properly care for a fish or its aquarium, so we never take them back. We check every tank as it comes in to ensure it’s in the best possible working condition. We pride ourselves in only offering our customers the best fish, aquariums, and products.

Aquarium by Fish Barn VIP Membership

We love our customers as family. We offer a VIP membership for customers that frequently shop at our store or simply love fish. Our VIP membership offers 10% off everything in the store with only a $10 monthly fee.

Visit Us Today!